On the Rocks

Months of work to get a boat ready for the new season came nearly to an abrupt end. Seven Whistler was launched last week together with Seventh Heaven and Winjana. On Sunday electronics were wired and tested and all looked set for a smashing season. However the weather and tides in our cove had other plans.

At 17.15 the phone call came from Conor O’Nolan asking if I had moved my boat. He spotted it missing via the newly installed webcam. My heart stopped. 1 minute later Paddy Glody rang…. do you know your boat has broken its moorings ? I was on my way. It was the young hero Luke O’ Byrne who had spotted the unfolding drama and told his mother Martina . Who then alerted our other saviour Brendan Glody who without hesitation went straight to the harbour and got his angling boat Keltoi Warrior to the scene. It fist looked that the angling boat would not be able to get close enough to the stricken yacht but a handy transfer with the pioneer of a tow line established connection. The experienced manouvering of Brendan Glody moved Seven Whistler out of its precarious position and a sigh of relief was heard was when she was tied up at the pontoon by Jim, Patricia, Conor and Judie.

Thanks to you all !

The heroes Brendan & Luke

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  1. Good to read that the traditions of the sea are alive and well in Dunmore. Well done all hands!!

    Peter Boucher, Coral Gables, FL

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