Dun Laoghaire to Dingle

Should the Dun Laoghaire be renamed the triple D race ? Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Destruction race ?

40 yachts set out on Wednesday evening to complete the race and none of the elements worked in their favour.

A southerly Gale 25-30 knots along the east coast meant a long beat towards Rosslare, and to add insult to injury at the point where the main fleet

reached Tuskar the wind started to veer Westerly meaning another 150 mile beat in big waves along the South Coast.

The Fleet was slowly being depleted and by Thursday night only 19 yachts were still in the race. Dunmore East was packed with retirees and some of the fast and best yachts had succumbed to the elements

Bravely battling on was our own WHSC Yacht Fulmar Fever which at the time of this going to print was battling on in Courtmacsherry Bay . holding 3rd place in Cruising and 14th place on IRC

Skippered by Owner Robert Marchant and helmed by Dave Delahunty (16 hours out of 24 !! ) and assited by Stephen Devine , Kevin and our own Fintan Bonner this is a boat to be proud of as their target is to finish the Race and Qualify for the Fastnet Race.

1 more night to go and hopefully they will be going around the corner in the early hours of the morning and will start to reach towards Dingle.

When you see Fulmar Fever in Dunmore home next time you better salute them !


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