Unmarked Boats in Boat House – Please Check

Please be advised that the boathouse was surveyed and 50 items did not have the required boat stickers.
All boats have a numbered label attached and have been individually identified- DO NOT REMOVE LABEL without advising Andrea.

WHSCmembers@gmail.com   or phone 087-2214157

List below ( as updated 1/8 PM)

If you have your sticker and did not apply it; stick it on now and advise Andrea Kennedy which label is your boat and that you applied it !

If you are entitled to parking via Debenture (not Transferable) and did not get a sticker contact Andrea Kennedy.

If you have not paid, contact Andrea Kennedy now, to arrange payment.

All boats without stickers will be removed from the boat house in next 2 weeks.

Thank you for your swift attention to this matter

With kind regards
Rene Wubben

Label Location boat type Description  
38 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Named Racing Rabit – Mulligan ?  
39 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Pink Deck Many stickers Molloy ?  
40 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Ronan Brazil ?  
35 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Roman Sullivan – loads of Stickers- Billabong  
37 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Carter Optimist – Dragon’s Bane  
14 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Optimist Landers  
43 Oppie shed – Right Optimist JHOPOLBEI + Sticker Crab New Sullivan ?  
51 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Laura Friel / Covers Finnegan / Mitsubishi  
52 Oppie shed – Right Optimist Cover Daniel Stein / winner / Musto Stickers  
47 Oppie shed – Left Optimist Pink Deck / Name = Opt In  
49 Oppie shed – Left Optimist Monaghan / club stickers  
48 Oppie shed – Left Optimist Winner – G.Sheridan old sticker  
  Main Shed topper-Lasers-Topaz-Dinghy    
23 Main Shed Topper Red Sailing solutions  
22 Main Shed Laser cream Sticker of last survey -Unknown serial GB-ELS-0438 B404  
21 Main Shed Topaz Breen ??  
15 Main Shed Laser white GB-ELS–0438-B404  
17 Main Shed White Laser Blue cover- Be Afraid-Slam Serial : GBP-SE-LS 0604F303  
19 Main Shed White Laser GB-PSEL -1001H2002 Finnegan ?  
20 Main Shed Topaz KM on bow  
24 Main Shed Topper – Blue White formula  
25 Main Shed Laser Byron boy -I&D Kelly – Serial : GB-P8 BL 828586982  
26 Main Shed Topper Omega Larkin 6630  
27 Main Shed Topper Marsden cover  
28 Main Shed Topper Walsh  
11 Main Shed Topper Landers  
12 Main Shed Topper Howth 073  
13 Main Shed Avon Dinghy Blue Ropes blue Seating  
32 Main Shed Laser Pico Yellow boat  
33 Main Shed Topaz none  
  Location Make Color Name /Marks
64 Kaya Storage RTM Mambo Blue White None
63 Kaya Storage Ocean Malibus XL Blue J Burke + Trollie
62 Kaya Storage Typhoon Blue/White None
65 Kaya Storage   Blue white Mixed Kelly
66 Kaya Storage RTM Rotomod Paseo Orange /Yellow None
67 Kaya Storage Spitfire Yellow None
50 Kaya Storage Ocean Kayak Frenzy Orange/Red Boggan
55 Kaya Storage Bic sport Yellow deck /White Bottom None
54 Kaya Storage Dags Orange/ Yellow Murphy
53 Kaya Storage RTM Paseo Orange/ Yellow Finnegan
58 Kaya Storage RTM Paseo Light Blue / white VOG
57 Kaya Storage Ocean Kayak Frenzy Red / Yellow Regan
56 Kaya Storage RTM Rotomod Mambo blue / white None
61 Kaya Storage Bicc Sport Orange top / White Bottom Larkin
60 Kaya Storage Bicc Kayaks Yellow top / white bottom Brazil
59 Kaya Storage Bicc Sport Blue top / white Bottom None
46 Kaya Storage Bicc Sport Yellow top / white bottom None
41 Kaya Storage PUNT Blue top / White Bottom – Dolly wheels none
42 Kaya Storage Body Wake board Blue top / White Bottom – Soft material None


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