The biggest yacht race in the world

Last minute preparations, a halyard checked for the 3rd time.

A checklist read for the 10 time, Where is my crew, have they landed? So much to do.

Did the boat pass all safety checks ?, is there any more materials we do not

need on board ? Where the hell are all these boats coming from?

Why am I not hungry ? . must be the nerves. How accurate is Windguru? Let’s check the Met Office too.

These are the nerves that are running through a skipper waiting for the big gun on Hurst Castle to start the biggest yacht race

ever sailed. officially 430+ boats will start from Cowes Isle of Wight , around the Fastnet Rock , and finish in Plymouth.

Even whilst typing this I get excited, wish I was there…… Good luck to Fulmar Fever ; on paper, one of the slowest boats. In reality

she will do well with here now experienced crew.

I better concentrate now on the biggest yacht race in Dunmore East. Our own club championships; the biggest yacht race in Dunmore !, we will fight hard, hope many boats will be on the

water; even a few white sails would be nice. Aahhhh stop rambiling old man ; One day you will be with the big boys at the Fastnet Race. For now

enjoy beautiful Dunmore and sailing with your friends ( they will be friends as long as they sail behind youL) You are warned !

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