2017 Season Photo’s Wanted

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Hi All,
We would like to put together a photo gallery and slideshow of all the wonderful WHSC events which took place during the 2017 season.

The preferred way to share photos is through google photos (https://photos.google.com/).

(However disks or SD cards can be given to Rene and will be returned. )

The two easiest way to use google photos:

Note that storing google photos is free and unlimited on google photos if you have your photo quality settings set to ‘High Quality’.

1) Use the web.

Drop your photo’s in this shared album

2) Use the phone App.

The google photos app is FREE and available for android and ios (iphone).
Get the app: Apple app storeGoogle Play Store

When you use the app you can browse your photos and choose to share with whsc.webmaster

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