Membership portal live

Our new membership portal is now live. All members should have received an email with login credentials (check your spam folder).

The online membership portal gives access to;

  • Your personal profile
  • Your membership information (everyone in your membership)
  • Your boats & berth
  • A members directory (members over 16)
  • A crew finder
  • your invoices, renewals & payment information
**More features to come

Logging in

To login visit the WHSC home page and click on the members icon (see fig. on right), or use the main menu item More > Login.

Each person in your membership will have their own login (if an email was supplied)

If you don’t have an active membership you will be able to login but the actions you can perform will be limited.

If you have any login related problems please contact

Check Profile & Membership

The first thing to do is when you login is check all your information is correct and fix inaccuracies yourself. We also encourage you to upload a profile photo so other members can identify you.

Not all boats & berths have been added. If your boat does not exist please add it yourself.

Note that you have sharing preferences for some data on your personal profile (example phone number). Sharing is by default ‘private’, change this to ‘members’ if you want it listed in the members directory (which can be accessed by members only).

Please note that this is a new system and we are aware some data is not yet added or checked on all accounts. If something is inaccurate or you’re unable to update information which needs to be corrected please email the membership secretary (but be patient, there is a lot to process!)

GoCardless / Direct Debit

Please set up your Bank details by following the link to GoCardless.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT setting up a direct debit recurring payment on your Bank account. Setting up GoCardless is a pre-cursor to allowing the club take paperless payments (for membership, courses etc..) in the future. You still have to initiate any payment.

For your convenience you can choose to enable/disable automatic payments of future invoices from WHSC. Even with automated payments rest assured you will still have to initiate renewals and purchases manually online before an invoice is generated. Any debits will also receive email notification prior to any financial transactions.

We thank you for your support in moving the club to paperless payments. This is one of the main benefits for the club, current processing & reconciliation is a huge burden for volunteers.

Problems / Feedback / Questions ?

Membership issues –  email membership secretary (Andrea Kennedy)

Login/technical – (Kevin Brennan)

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