Payment of membership by direct debit.

Dear Member,

If you would like to pay your membership by Direct Debit.  You can do so by following the instructions below.  This would be of great help to the Membership Secretary Andrea Kennedy  and  also would be a considerable saving in time.

The are a few steps which you need to follow which I list below.

  • Go to Waterford Sailing Club Web site
  • Click on MORE on the website top bar .
  • Click on Members Login on the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your email address in the space provided.
  • Note: If you have not used the member’s log in before, you have to click  Forgot Password ( The membership portal will then generate a link which  will  be sent to your e-mail with instructions.)
  • Enter your password.
  • Go to the GoCardless on the list on the left  and  click setup
  • Click on GoCardless  authorise.
  • Note: By default payments are automatic for generated invoices, you can disable this by choosing GoCardless setup on the menu then Disable Automatic Payments.

You are now set up to pay you membership by direct debit.

Many thanks,
Ian Doolan

 More detailed setup instructions can be found here

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