Welcome to WHSC Optimist Class Community

There has been great growth in the Optimist class in WHSC, driven by Nicola Harris, class captain over the last few year. There are 30+ optimists participating in local coaching and racing and even more on the summer sailing courses.

Kids as young as 7 can start their sailing journey in a optimist through Cara Na Mara courses and Sea Legs ( a parent led Saturday morning programme to introduce kids to the water and sailing).

Those who wish to race, can participate in coaching sessions, run by local and national coaches. All organised activities will be posted here on website and on whats app group.


Oppie Racing 2023


Club Racing:

Summer League : Tuesday Nights (July-August)
Autumn League : Sunday Mornings (September-October)

National & Regional IODAI events:

We are also delighted to host the IODAI Munsters on the 1st-2nd July, where we expect to welcome 120+ boats.

We also have an active group of sailors participating in the Nationals event.

For these and more events the IODAI calendar for 2023 events.

IODAI Event 2023

Class Captain: Nicola Harris

Class Size: 30 Boats


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