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Waterford Harbour Sailing Club was founded in 1934 in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford. Over the years since its inception, the club has become an integral part of community in Dunmore, supporting local initiatives and hosting regular fundraisers for the RNLI. In recent years the club has added to its community activities by introducing its Schools Sailing programme – which provides kids from around Dunmore East and Waterford City with an opportunity to experience sailing.

The club is also a key economic contributor to Dunmore East. Each summer the club’s activities, from sailing courses to hosting national & international sailing events, brings hundreds of visitors to the village, generating significant revenue for local businesses. Indeed the club currently contributes approximately 10% of the revenue of the harbour, enabling the Department of the Marine to provide facilities to the benefit of all harbour users.

WHSC, at its core, family friendly club with an open membership policy. We value inclusion, community and volunteering spirit. We strive to create a safe and fun environment where our youth members can learn to sail, develop their skills and grow into confident, responsible sailors. And we also seek to provide the opportunity and support for adults, new to sailing, to take their first steps on the water.

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