Event Administrators

Set Up Guide for Event Administrators

This page provides information for Club Event Administrators on how to set up events.

Events may require some or all of the below:

  1. An event landing page – a web page which provides information about your event to potential attendees.
  2. An event registration form – (if required) captures attendee information needed by event organisers.
  3. An event payment page – (if required) provides secure payment capture and transaction recording for accounts.
  4. Inclusion of the event in the clubs News/Update email campaign and facebook posts – raise awareness of your event.
  5. Event WhatsApp group – For larger, multi-day events a WhatsApp group provides good centralised comms over the duration of the event.


Setting up an Event Landing Page

To access the Event Landing Page Administration Portal click this button Event Admin Portal

A number of club administrators and committee members have access to create event landing pages on the website. These include:

Cruiser Captain, Dinghy Captain, Rib Captain, Kayak Captain, JOs, Communications, Club Manager, Sailing Secretary.

If you don’t have access please work with the relevant person above when setting up an event.


Setting Up an Event Registration Form

Event registration forms can be set up in one of two ways depending on the complexity of the registration information form and whether or not payment is required.

Simple Registration Form with No Payment

  • For simple registration with no payments, you can use the built in registration functionality in the Event Landing Page Administration portal.
  • This option is suitable when only basic attendee info is required – eg contact information etc.
  • When creating your landing page
    • Ensure the Hide Registration Form option is unchecked.
    • Add required registration info fields from the  Attendee Information to Collect drop down box.
  • Now the registration form will appear on your landing page.
  • Registration information can be accessed via the Event Landing Page Administration portal.
Complex Registration Form & Payment Page

  • Where an event requires a payment page and/or requires more complicated registration information – eg selecting different options, dynamic form logic etc it is easier to have a JotForm registration page created.
  • Contact the Club Manager at info@whsc.ie to request a JotForm set up. The club manager will:
    • work with you to configure the registration form/payment page as required.
    • set up a secure Google Sheets file where registration information can be accessed.
  • Once the JotForm is set up, it can be added to your Event Landing Page either as a link or an embedded form via the Event Landing Page Administration portal.


Event Communications

For assistance with communications for your event, please contact the Club’s PR/Communications officer at communications@whsc.ie.

The club has several channels to help with notifying attendees of your event:

If you are running a large, multi-day event, it can be useful to set up a WhatsApp group for your event. If setting up a WhatsApps group:

    • Please ensure the relevant Club Committee members are informed and included in the group – Class captains, Commodore, Sailing Secretary, Club Manager etc.
    • Add a Join WhatsApp group link to your Event Landing page. You can create the link via the group’s settings in WhatsApp – see https://faq.whatsapp.com/3242937609289432/?cms_platform=web for instructions.

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