The Waterford Harbour Sailing Club was founded in 1934 on the initiative of the late P.A. Anderson.

Here are some random document, and a photo from 1967 that we managed to find online. Thanks to Ringo, Louis, and Von of www.DunmoreEast.net for allowing us to use these.

If you have any more information about the history of the club feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll get it added in.

Summer Party of 1967

Sailing Club party in the summer of 1967
Sailing Club party in the summer of 1967

Row 5 (from back, with 9 people): 1=Patrick Woodley. 2=Brian Harris. 3=Jeff Morris. 4=Ruth Torrey. 5=Rowena Kenyon. 6=Gina Cobden. 7=?. 8=Fran Cobden. 9=Robin Kenyon.
Row 4 (with 8 people): 1=Guy Johnson. 2=Edward Essory. 3=Dave Harris. 4=Peter O’Neill. 5=? Dunphy. 6=Nettie Cobden. 7=Fiona Bodman. 8=Kim Mulligan RIP
Row 3 (with 8 people): 1=Anne Jephson. 2=Claire Woodley. 3=?. 4=?. 5=Dale Morris RIP. 6=Adam Mulligan. 7=Crispin Kenyon. 8=David O’Neill
Row 2 (with 10 people): 1=Stan Power. 2=Godfrey Harris. 3=Gerald Jephson. 4=Hillary Torrie. 5=?. 6=?. 7=Andy Torrie. 8=Patrick Harris. 9=Peter (Hunky) Mulligan. 10=Melissa Morris.
Row 1 (front, with 8 people): 1=Michael Harris. 2=Colin Jephson. 3=Niall Power. 4=Max Johnson. 5=Jane Harris. 6=Rosemary Torrie. 7=Sheila Torrie. 8=Roger Mulligan

Assorted Documents


  1. Most interesting to read something of ones past. In the 1950 and 1960’s we holidayed at 1 Island Road and my father Denis W. Boucher of Guinness and myself were both members. I joined ISL as a Deck Apprentice from 1953 to 1957 so Summer 1953 was my last full holiday in Dunmore East. I am now in my 81st. year with hopefully an opportunity to visit once again. My Dad gave a WHSC pennant which I carried for many years on worldwide voyages. Good watch and sailing.

  2. Interesting story. Denis we’d love to see you back in Dunmore East. Why not join us on the 29th of April ? We have a club ‘re-opening’ to celebrate completion of much needed club house refurbishment.

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