Adult Sailing Courses

Running since 2016, WHSC’s adult sail training programme has been an overwhelming success in encouraging adults of all ages with little or no experience to get on the water and enjoy the thrill of sailing. Kim Byrne is the current organiser of the adult sailing group.


We offer lessons on the water in the club’s three large very safe Wayfarer dinghies and we also use one Omega dinghy. Each boat takes 2-3 adults.

Please allow approximately 1 hour 30 minutes in total for your lesson.  This includes 15 mins learning how to rig your boat, up to 60 mins on the water and 15 mins to help de-rig your boat afterwards. Please do not leave the rigging and de-rigging to your Instructor only, as this is a valuable part of the lesson. 

Absolutely no experience is necessary.  All you need is a buoyancy aid / life vest to begin.  Please note that these are not provided by the club so you must have one before you start your lesson as they are mandatory.  It is unlikely that you will capsize as these are large, safe boats. However, you should be prepared to get wet. We recommend bringing a change of clothes, a towel and wear runners or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.  Please leave your phones in your car and anything else from your pockets. You can give your car key to your instructor to keep safe while you are out on the water.

You may also use your own dinghy if you have access to one and have sufficient experience to take it out on your own.

Pricing and Schedule

The cost is €25 each per lesson and it is for members only. Lessons are on on Monday and Friday evenings and possibly one afternoon at the weekends (subject to availability).  Lessons begin at 6.30pm and finish by 8pm.

There are currently no events.

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