Youth Sailing Courses

WHSC Youth Sailing Courses 2024

Bring on  Summer 2024!   We are looking  forward to a busy exciting summer of junior sailing. Here are a few points to bear in mind when booking and to get the most out of this sailing season. It is important you read and fully understand the information detailed below before booking your course!   … Continue reading WHSC Youth Sailing Courses 2024

Update on Sailing Course Availability

WHSC Course Update As of 29th March, some of the courses are full booked. See below for details. Junior Committee will be in contact with parents if sailors need to move course.

About WHSC’s Youth Sailing Courses

At WHSC we cater for all levels – from those just looking for a taste of sailing, to instructor level. If your family is new to sailing, then you’re in the right place. Sailing is an excellent sport to foster a youth’s confidence and independence in a way no other sport can.

WHSC run a full suite of Irish Sailing Association (ISA) accredited sailing courses. You can find more information on the ISA courses we offer below:

It is important to note that participation in an ISA accrediting course does not guarantee you certification – you must be able to demonstrate that you have understood and can complete the relevant skills to achieve certification.

Similar to acquiring new skills in any discipline, the more time you spend practicing the better you will become. So we encourage you to gain as much experience and time on the water as you can outside of course time. To support this the club has structured activities such as Water Time and weekly Club Racing events.

Please note that Club membership is required in order to participate in our sailing courses. This is because WHSC is a members club, not a commercial enterprise. Also as a members club we rely on the parents of course participants to volunteer in supporting the running of our courses.

The provision of each course is subject to demand and is at the discretion of the Commodore and the Junior Organiser.

For any queries contact the junior organisers at


Dinghy Hire for Sailing Courses

To help get those new to sailing get up and running with a minimal outlay, the club has a number of dinghies that can be hired to course participants.

In order to continue to provide this service to new sailors, we recommend that once sailors become more experienced (those doing Improving Skills and above) and are committed to continuing with sailing, they should take the step of acquiring their own dinghies.

To support new sailors we have the following dinghies available to hire for courses:

  • 8 beginner Optimists – prioritised for new sailors under 12.
  • 3 Toppers – prioritised for new sailors over 12.
  • 2 Wayfarers – These are only available to sailors participating in the Kites and Wires and Adventure courses.


Unfortunately, the club cannot provide boats for all and we give priority on dinghy hire to those new to sailing.


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