Club Dinghy Rental Policy

WHSC has a fleet of dinghies available to members for use in club organised activities. The purpose of which is to facilitate the participation of its members in sailing. Whilst every effort is made to facilitate members and have boats in the best possible working order, members must accept this is not a commercial service. Club boat use/rental is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • Club dinghies are only available to members.

  • Club dinghies are only available for club organised activities, such as sailing courses, lessons, club outings, and club racing. These activities all have supervision both on and off the water and sailors must remain under the supervision of the organisers.

  • Members taking club boats do so at their own risk.

  • Prior to first rental members must register a Deposit Damage Form. Once registered once the member doing so can rent any club boat for the rest of the season.

  • Members taking club boats are fully responsible for any damage to the boats whilst in their care, with the exception of normal wear and tear which will be repaired by the club. It is advised that members taking boats should write down and report any damage to the renting instructor/organiser prior to taking the boat out. The renter must return the boat to the renting instructor/organiser and must remain while the boat is inspected after use. The club reserves the right to have any damage repaired immediately, the cost of which will be for the boat renter.

  • All damage must be reported immediately on arrival back to shore.

  • Where the responsibility for the cause of damage is disputed eg a collision on the water. The incident will be herd by a three person committee of competent sailors appointed by the Commodore and which shall apply the rules of racing and/or ISA guidelines/best practice to adjudicate on the incident. The committees ruling allocation of responsibility will final and binding.

  • The rigging of club boats is entirely the responsibility of the member taking the boat. Ensure you have plenty of time before launching to check rigging correctly.

  • Rental priority will be given to junior course participants.

  • Rental priority for those on courses will be given to new members, new to the sport.

  • Rental priority amongst established members will be given to members who have not previously rented or have had least use.

  • The priority policy is to facilitate those entering or trying out the sport, it is not the club policy to facilitate long term or repetitive rental.

  • Boats will be allocated on a first come first served basis applying club policy. The JO will allocated rental boats for the Junior Course. The SI will allocate boats for Dinghy racing. The Adult training Officer will allocate boat for adult training.

  • Members can only book one boat slot in any 24hour period. To book a second slot members must wait 24hrs from the first booking. This is to prevent block booking giving all members a chance to reserve a boat and slot.

  • Fees applying to the rental service may vary per activity, the appropriate rental fees are published alongside the activity.

  • Every effort will be made to facilitate members, your co-operation is much appreciated.