Leisure Boating

Water sports isn’t all about racing and competition. Sometimes you just to kick back and enjoy the beauty of the sea, the coast and, when it turns up, the weather!

WHSC has a number of active leisure boating groups including Kayaks, Ribs, yachts and dinghies. Check out below if you would like to know more about the various events and activities  organised by these laid-back leisure enthusiasts.



Explore the wonderful coastline around Dunmore East in a kayak. Find out more about WHSC’s kayak group here.



Join fun family day trips with our rib group and explore along the coast and up river. With the emphasis firmly on fun!



Not all yacht sailing is about racing. Every now and then WHSC’s cruisers like to take a slow leisurely day trip and enjoy the beauty of the South East coast.


Water Time

Dinghy sailing is all about fun! Water Time is all about providing an organised and safe environment for dinghy sailors young and old to enjoy themselves.

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