Yacht & Keel Boat Racing

Club Cruiser & Keelboat racing every Thursday @ 7pm & Sunday @ 3pm

We have a very successful mix of racing yachts, keelboats and cruisers.  While dinghy racing generally requires more physical effort and involves occasionally getting wet or even swimming, cruiser sailing relies on the keel to the do the work leaving you to enjoy the scenery or concentrate on the tactics of racing in a group setting.

If you’re interested in crewing on a boat you are most welcome at WHSC. The best way to find out about crewing opportunities is to join the Cruisers & Racing WhatsApp group. Email info@whsc.ie and ask to be added. Alternatively come on Thursdays at 18.30 or Sunday afternoons at 14.15 to the slip and ask for the Cruiser captain, Eoghan Hegarty.

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